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Bronzer med warming tingle-effekt

7Suns So.. Hot! Tingle

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Den Røde Flasken med eksotermiske komponenter samt en unik blanding av bronzere

Delayed Bronzers Formula

based on DHA has visible effect a dozen or so hours after a tanning session, and the effects intensify over time. The effect of delayed bronzers may last for up to 4 days, while the tan is deep and lasts longer.

Caffeine extract
boosts skin micro-circulation, helps fight againts unwanted fat tissue.
Coenzyme A
improves skin circulation and color, eliminates the signs of skin fatigue.
Safflower Oleosomes
moisturise, help to maintain intense hydration and nutrition of the skin
Aloe Vera Leaf Extract
has soothing, softening, moisturising and antibacterial properties.
Effect after application:
A pleasantly warming touch that can be felt during long exposure to the sun. That’s how to briefly describe the tingle effect. If you combine it with an energising bronzer, you’ll get So… HOT!

The depth of the tan and warming effect result from natural extracts of cayenne pepper, pepper, caffeine as well as erythrulose-based Delayed Bronzers Formula.

The effect of using So… Hot! is a long-lasting tan that lasts for even two weeks.