"A deeply tan with a velvety finish."

Advanced strong bronzer for medium-dark and dark skin.

7Suns American Glamour

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Til solarium og strand, med hudbeskyttende formel med tattoo-beskyttelse.

Manoi de Tahiti Extract
strongly regenerates and effectively fights against free radicals, reduces skin aging process.
Biotanning Formula
a special combination of natural colorants and sweet orange extract facilitating the production of melanin in skin, which provides a fast and long-lasting effect.
MultiOil Formula
carefully selected natural oils, whose aim is to take care of your skin, moisturise it deeply and restore healthy glow to it.
Shea, cocoa and Cupuacu butter
a powerful antioxidant with anti-wrinkle properties.
SkinFirming Formula
a mixture based on caffeine, coenzyme A and Bupleurum Falcatum root extract which improves microcirculation. It guarantees that ingredients are absorbed deep into the skin and improve its elasticity.

Some people get their tan instantly, others need some more time. It all depends on your skin type.

Thanks to American Glamour, even the most “stubborn” skin tone will finally give in to the seductive power of tanning rays and all of your skin will get a deep brown colour.

It is best to apply the lotion a few minutes before tanning. The best effect will be visible about 4-8 hours after the tanning session.