"A Hawaiian tan at your fingertips."

Stykre:120x bronzer

Vår bestselger - en kraftig bronzer for deg som må ha resultater raskt

7Suns Jet Black Bronzer

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A synergy of the effect of instant and delayed bronzers with the addition of beneficial oils.

Carrot root extract

rich in betacaroten and vitamins A and E, gives the tan a golden brown shade.

Dark chocolate extract

lubricates, deeply moisturises and nourishes the skin, firms and improves its colour.

Blueberry extract

eliminates free radicals, nourishes and conditions the skin.

Shea butter

deeply nourishes and regenerates the skin, leaving it silky soft. It protects the skin against high temperatures and free radicals.


a powerful antioxidant with anti-wrinkle properties.

Effect after application:
A strong tan and deep hydration in one cosmetic? With Jet Black you can forget about dry and rough skin and enjoy velvety smooth skin covered with a deep brown colour.

You don’t have to worry about streaks and discoloration!

It’s best to apply the cosmetic right before tanning and the first chocolate effects will be visible right after the session ends.